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A product from an innovative factory in Toyooka of Hyogo prefecture, the capital of bags. A body bag with a unique slim design.

This is a body bag from the JETTER series that is inspired by jet setters who travel around the globe.
It has been designed with a spacious main compartment with a double zipper, making it a breeze for users to access items they often use. The front pocket is made from waterproof fabric for the purpose of storing wet objects such as portable folding umbrellas.
The back pocket contains a passport pocket which can be used as a sub-compartment when traveling.
The bag has a shoulder strap made from high-quality leather which can be fitted in the user's preferred orientation, allowing for individual customization.
The CREEZAN logo has been engraved on the clasp, which imparts a sense of originality and luxury to the bag. The bag is also equipped with YKK's Excella zippers, which are the highest-quality zippers containing fastening elements that have been carefully polished one by one to achieve a smooth surface.

■Colors: White (1 color only)
■Size: H28.5cm×W14cm×D5.5cm
■Materials: Body: Shrink leather (cowhide) / Interior: Cotton twill fabric
■Weight: Around 480g
■Specifications: Exterior: Zipper pockets ×3
Interior: Pocket ×1, Mesh pocket ×1
■ Country of production: Japan
Exceptional quality standards unique to a factory brand

Immaculate care has been taken during the manufacturing process to prevent stains so as to preserve the beautiful white exterior of the products. Gloves are worn when sewing the products and sewing machines are protected with covers to prevent any accidental oil stains.
The clasps are polished and components are inspected before any sewing begins. In order to manufacture the products carefully in smaller batches as with prototypes, we have lowered the production volume to 10 units per batch from the regular volume of 100 units. Adhering to these strict production criteria is only possible for a factory brand that oversees the entire manufacturing process of the products at its own factory. 
Our products are manufactured using high-quality shrink leather made in Italy. In pursuit of our concept of "pure white," we have successfully created "DEEP WHITE" that could not be captured with leather sourced from Japanese tanners. The high-quality shrink leather with perfect thickness has an exceptionally soft texture, and excellent durability as it has been processed with a strong water-repellent finish that makes it resistant to rain and dirt. The origin of our brand name "CREEZAN"

"CREEZAN": A fusion of tradition and innovation

CONY Co., Ltd. was founded in 1975 in Toyooka City, Hyogo prefecture, an area that has been producing bags for over a thousand years. Since our establishment, we have catered to the diverse needs of customers ranging from major companies to newly launched brands that require the OEM production of bags and other accessories.
Our day-to-day production of bags eventually led us to question the production of unremarkable generic bags, which prompted us to launch a new factory brand in 2015.
"CREEZAN" is a brand overseen by Japanese craftsmen who are not bound by stylistic conventions and whose works seek to deliver small moments of surprise.

The origin of our brand name "CREEZAN"

Our brand name "CREEZAN" was inspired by Mt. Kuriizan, a popular mountain in Toyooka where visitors can enjoy magnificent views of seas of clouds.
We have great ambitions for this brand and we hope that it will grow to become a brand with immense global appeal in the future. Even after achieving this goal, we aim to always stay true to our roots. This is the inspiration behind our brand name "CREEZAN." 
When we talk to the locals about CREEZAN, they sometimes realize that it was named after Mt. Kuriizan.

Handling precautions

※Please note that friction, moisture, as well as exposure to sweat or sunlight may result in the color of the product fading as well as discoloration.
※If the product becomes wet from contact with rain or water, wipe it with a dry cloth immediately and allow it to dry under the shade in a well-ventilated location without exposure to direct sunlight.
※Air the product under the shade in a well-ventilated location occasionally to prevent the growth of mold due to humidity.
※Pulling the handle with excessive force or using the product to carry too many items or extremely heavy objects may result in damage to the product.
※For bags with clasps made from magnetic materials, bringing the clasp too close to objects such as tickets for automated ticket gates, commuter passes, cash cards, etc., may render the clasp unusable due to the effects of the magnetic fields of such objects.
※For bags with zippers, please ensure that the zippers are always fully zipped.
When opening and closing the zipper, ensure that both sides of the slider are parallel before pulling it.
※Do not leave the product near a heater or in a location with a high temperature (e.g., inside a car) for extended periods of time.

Precautions when using products made from leather materials

※Leather is highly sensitive to moisture, which may result in stains and water damage. If the product gets wet, tap it with a soft and dry cloth immediately to remove the moisture and allow it to dry completely under the shade in a well-ventilated location. Do not dry the product under high temperatures such as in a dryer.
※Do not use the product when it is wet as doing so may result in stains or its color fading.
※Friction on either surface of the leather may cause its color to run. Please be careful when wearing light-colored clothing.
※Color blurring may occur for products that have been finished with dyes to bring out the natural texture of leather without the use of pigments. Depending on the nature of this finish, it may be susceptible to fading or discoloration.
※Please note that the color of leather products may run if the product is kept in close contact with vinyl materials (e.g., PVC) or other leather products for extended periods of time.

Caring for your product

※Wipe off minor stains using a dry cloth.
※For stains that are harder to remove, apply a small amount of leather cleaner to a soft cloth and wipe off the stain before wiping the area dry using a dry cloth. Depending on the leather, using an unsuitable cleaner may result in stains or the color fading. As such, please test the cleaner beforehand by applying it to an inconspicuous spot.
※Never use alcohol-based solvents such as petroleum.
※Do not wash the product in the laundry.
※When storing the product, wipe it dry before storing it in a well-ventilated location with low temperature and humidity.

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Innovative to Tradition
Imaginative to Culture

In an era of material abundance, how do we define true luxury?
JAPAN MASTERY COLLECTION provides a new definition to richness. Innovation brings forth new value to the cherished tradition and culture of Japan.

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Innovative to Tradition
Imaginative to Culture

In an era of material abundance, how do we define true luxury?
JAPAN MASTERY COLLECTION provides a new definition to richness. Innovation brings forth new value to the cherished tradition and culture of Japan.

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