Created by a traditional Tokoname craftsman who continues to study the forms of implements suitable for modern living
This surprisingly thin “ultra-flat” teapot is a product which represents Jinshutouen.

The ultra-flat teapot allows the tea leaves to slowly spread out without overlapping and requires less hot water to evenly fill it. The result is a tea which fully realizes the fragrance and flavor of the leaves.

How to enjoy: Gently pour in warmish-hot water and wait for 1 minute to enjoy the first infusion. The second infusion can be enjoyed similarly. (Remove the lid after the first infusion to allow the leaves to breathe.) For the third infusion, quickly infuse in hot water. (Any leaves other than deep-steamed green tea leaves are recommended.)

▪ Color: Black (1 color)
▪ Size: 10.7cm diameter x 16cm long x 4.3 cm tall
▪ Capacity: approx. 180mL
▪ Material: Ceramic
▪ Country of manufacture: Japan
▪ Notes: Comes in wooden box
*The displayed capacity is the “filled capacity”.
It designates the capacity when filled with water to the brim (or to the lid rest if there is a lid). The volume of hot water will be less than that displayed above when used.
*Not for use with dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, open flames.
The secret to delicious tea steeped in a Tokoname ware teapot

Tokoname ware teapots combine the potter’s clay of Tokoname, which is optimal for making teapots, with advanced techniques passed down for generations, all to bring out the flavors of the tea.

  • High iron content in Tokoname clay:
    Tokoname potter’s clay contains iron, which reacts with the tannins in tea to produce just the right amount of astringency and bitterness. Also, a characteristic of Tokoname clay is that it can be fired without glaze, allowing it to adsorb extraneous components from the tea to give it a mellower flavor.
  • No tea strainer required with cera-mesh:
    The teapot’s design allows you to steep tea without using a metal tea strainer—simply put the leaves in and pour hot water over them to infuse a delicious tea which will be drunk to the last drop.
    A fine ceramic tea strainer called “cera-mesh” is integrated with the teapot’s main body. Unlike with a metal tea strainer, cera-mesh allows the tea leaves to spread throughout the teapot, extracting every last bit of their essence.
  • Airtight “futasuri” technique allows tea leaves to steep properly:
    “Futasuri” is a process whereby the lid and body of the teapot are rubbed together to achieve a perfect fit and is one of the techniques used for making Tokoname ware teapots. This technique keeps the inside of the teapot airtight, allowing the tea leaves to be steamed well and a delicious tea to be extracted from them.
Tokoname ware

Tokoname ware is a Japanese tradition dating back more than a millennium.
It has been designated as a Japanese Heritage and is one of the six regions which represent Japanese pottery, the “Six Ancient Potteries of Japan.”

Tokoname ware is pottery which is created in Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture, and the surrounding areas of Chita Peninsula. This type of pottery has properties intermediate between porcelain and ceramic and makes vessels which are fired as hard as rock. It is made using clay with high iron content and fired at 1200-1300°C, producing hard vessels of unglazed pottery which are delicate and do not absorb moisture.

The clay of Tokoname is sticky, has high iron content, and has fine particles which make it surprisingly smooth. Normally, making pottery with high-iron clay causes it to blacken or swell when firing, making it difficult to work with. Tokoname ware turns the tables on this weakness, using the iron content of the clay to produce a characteristic, uniform ruddy-brown color in its pottery.

Artist: Seiji Itou

1949 Born in Tokoname, Aichi
1970 Began creating pottery
Certified Traditional Artist, Tokoname Ware General Division, designated by Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
Recipient of Medal of Honor for Distinguished Service in the Traditional Arts Industry
Recipient of multiple other awards and commendations
Artist of note: his teapots have appeared in TV commercials


Tokoname’s teapots which combine the traditional beauties of form and function allow you to experience a simple yet unique atmosphere. They are made with exacting precision, and as a result are often preferred by connoisseurs. Jinshu strives to make teapots that are not only appreciated by aficionados but that harmonize with an evolving modern lifestyle, too. For this reason, we use mainly three types of clay (red, white, and black) as our base and tweak our firing methods to produce small batches of wheel-thrown pottery which is both functional and pleasing in appearance, so that those who use our products will feel affection for them.

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Innovative to Tradition
Imaginative to Culture

In an era of material abundance, how do we define true luxury?
JAPAN MASTERY COLLECTION provides a new definition to richness. Innovation brings forth new value to the cherished tradition and culture of Japan.

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Innovative to Tradition
Imaginative to Culture

In an era of material abundance, how do we define true luxury?
JAPAN MASTERY COLLECTION provides a new definition to richness. Innovation brings forth new value to the cherished tradition and culture of Japan.

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Seiji Itou

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